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Westchester Wash and Seal Inc.is a locally-owned and operated power washing/presser washing company serving Westchester County and Fairfield CT. Owned and operated by our founder Jim Henson, Westchester Wash and Seal is proud to be a family-run business, we care about the community we serve…we live here, too! Power washing can turn back the hands of time—you have to see it to believe it.

Even after a decade and a half in the industry, we’re still constantly surprised at how great a newly cleaned house, patio or driveway can look. Patios, siding, sidewalks, driveways, decks, roofing—you name it.

You will be impressed with how incredible your home and landscape will look when they’re freshly power-washed and sealed. Premier HD Construction partners with Westchester Wash and Seal on upkeep and maintenance projects like power washing, painting and sealing.


  • Power washing: Also known as pressure washing as it is also called, is a fast and easy way to clean your home’s exterior.
  • Deck Staining: Here at Westchester Wash and Seal, we know that deck staining is a fast way to make an old deck look new.
  • Painting: We may specialize in power washing your home, but we are also experts at interior and exterior painting.

Westchester Wash and Seal Inc. has been serving the Westchester community for 15 years. We focus on being as ecologically-minded as possible, always looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle our materials while still giving our customers the best possible power washing, staining, sealing and painting services found anywhere in the Westchester area from North Salem to Yonkers and from Mamaroneck to Tarrytown!

Because we are local, we know Westchester homes and how to build the best defense against algae and mildew growth on your roof, siding, and sidewalks. You won’t believe how great your driveway pavers will look without algae and moss growth taking over (not to mention that keeping the moist plants off of your pavers will extend their life!). Westchester Wash and Seal